August 11, 2014

With summer in full swing across North America, brands are now considering their outdoor trade show display architecture and trying to find creative applications for the best available display products. One of the best available tools for promoting an organization at an outdoor event is flag banners. But few owners of growing companies know how best to utilize these products in order to achieve full value for their investment. In this blog, we’ll highlight several creative ways companies can now use their flag banners.

Use Call to Action Marketing

The value of flag banners can be inherently improved through the use of call-to-action marketing which compels audiences to act. For example, an online marketing company might ask “What is the potential of your social media presence?” and then present their phone number. This will invite intrigue while capturing interest across the event using a flagger banner.

Use Flag Banners to Promote at Central Venue Locations

Often the central location at the outdoor venue is the meeting point for various attendees. Companies might consider speaking with event organizers to find out whether they can place their flags at this location to build more interest within the company.

Use Flag Banners on Vehicles

For those with space to work with at their outdoor events, why not attach flag banners to vehicles while driving through the venue? This can help build interest in the company and ensure that each vendor sees the company’s promotional material.

Flag banners are a flexible tool for tradeshow marketing. But it’s important to use divergent thinking in order to fully capitalize on your banner investment.