December 16th, 2014

Truss display products offer event marketers a level of design flexibility that few other systems can provide. They empower creative branding by allowing companies to craft their own shapes and styles for the display. But one of the questions many future display hosts have is “How can we integrate furniture within our truss display systems?” There are many different strategies for using furniture within a truss display and, in this blog post, we’ll outline a few tips for success.

DCL1Create the Ideal Meeting Space with Two Matching Chairs and a Table

A truss display can also double as the ideal meeting environment on the trade show floor. Trade show exhibit hosts can welcome their guests with comfortable seating that allows them to enjoy quality one-on-one time together. Companies should try to find furniture that matches the style of their truss display while showcasing their brand’s commitment to professionalism.

Use a Podium with the Truss Display as the Backdrop

There are few more spectacular trade show sights than a high-quality truss display forming the ideal backdrop to a guest speaker at the event. Companies might use a podium to attract attention to the guest speaker while creating a truss display design that highlights their brand identity in the background.

Use Couches for a Relaxed Appeal

Companies looking to inspire guest comfort might use couches within their display design. This can help bring in several people and allow for an informal meeting to take place. It’s a great way to meet audience members and build interest in a low-key environment.

By making effective use of furniture at your next business event, you can build your return on investment in truss displays. Speak with one of our team members directly on how to integrate the latest furniture within truss displays.