March 13, 2014

Growing companies must be proactive in their trade show promotional work in order to capitalize on the resources at their disposal. One of the leading challenges many of today’s leading firms face in this process is their decision-makers simply don’t have the time for event promotion activities. But by following these strategies, even the smallest of firms can ensure they engage qualified leads at their trade show exhibits.

1)      Use Social Media Call to Actions

By harnessing their social media accounts, companies can achieve great interest within their events. They might, for example, invite event participants by providing a special offer to their Twitter or Facebook followers who connect with the company at the event. This is a strategy that can help drive both pre-event promotion and at-event processes as firms continue tweeting and posting from their trade show exhibits to ensure engagement with all potential customers.

2)      Invite Previous Customers

Most firms maintain a comprehensive database of previous customers. These databases are essential for rolling out new products and during event promotion, when sales teams might want to meet with previous customers to introduce them to their latest innovations. One method of contacting a list of previous customers is through an email campaign. Companies must ensure that each element of the email design focuses on their success and the benefits of their latest product.

3)      Contact Potential Partners

While it’s important to focus on offering more than the competition at any business event, companies can improve their chances of long-term industry success through crafting partnerships before the event begins. By partnering with larger organizations for their event promotional work, small firms can improve their chances of gaining sales leads and increasing brand awareness.

Companies must dedicate significant resources to event promotion in order to succeed within their events. The strategies highlighted in this blog could help ensure that important foundation for success event-after-event.