For those with growing businesses, trade show events can help increase public awareness of your company’s products and services within the local area. But in order to maximize the ROI of attending  the trade show event, you must understand how to set up trade show displays for high traffic appeal. Let’s look at few methods the leading companies use:

1)      Standout Display Features Such as Product Demonstration Tables

As trade show attendees make their way around the event, they’re likely to stop at areas in which they can have direct communication with company personnel. Companies should always ensure that their trade show displays include a demonstration area in which they can communicate their product’s benefits with those passing by.

2)      Free Prizes

Everyone loves a free gift. In the weeks before attending the trade show, business representatives must  be ready to present those in attendance with memorable mementos of the occasion. By giving away free gifts at the event, companies can not only invite more traffic to their display area but also increase company awareness outside of the event. Small items  such as pens and buttons will provide attendees with a lasting memory of the business. All items given away should include the company name and phone number or email so that prospective clients can quickly connect back with representatives. This is often one of the simplest yet most effective forms of lead generation during trade show events.

Your company is competing against hundreds of others during trade show events. Make sure your representatives are ready for the competition and have the tools to succeed by following the preceding tips.