October 16, 2014

It’s a growing consideration across the country, but many companies in Canada still struggle to find environmentally-friendly systems for their trade show booths. Fortunately, by working with an industry leader such as Best Displays, the ideal system for the ecologically-conscious company can be found. Here, we’ll look at environmentally-friendly trade show products.

LED Bulbs

A great way for Canada-based companies to add energy-efficiency and maximize attention on trade show booths is to invest in LED lighting. LED bulbs use 95% less energy than other lighting products and can therefore help companies to reduce their environmental footprint when crafting a display. To ensure companies fully capitalize on this investment, they must promote their environmentally-friendly lighting systems at the event by getting reps to speak with visitors about initiative. It’s the ideal strategy for showcasing the company’s commitment to the environment while also promoting the company during the event.

Collect Emails Instead of Handing Out Brochures

Companies can reduce their paper usage by collecting attendee email address to send them online brochures rather than printing paper copies. One of the clear advantages to this method is that it allows companies to build their lead generation lists and ensure a continual resource for sending out new company information online.

Use Recyclable Products for Giveaways

Environmentally-friendly products such as recyclable bags should be used for all event giveaways. These items will highlight the brand as being forward-thinking and give the consumer an item that can be used again and again over the long-term – leading to additional branding opportunities.

By using environmentally-friendly products within their tradeshow marketing, firms can become more attuned to the expectations of their audience-base. There are also many hidden marketing benefits to selecting the more environmentally-friendly option! To learn more, contact our trusted displays experts today.