October 5th – The fall season is upon us, and you’re now likely considering how to improve upon your business performance with upcoming fall promotions. For those about to enter the fall trade show market, you’ll need to create fall exhibit booths that capture the interest of consumers. And so, within this latest post we’ll present our guide for creating fall exhibit booths.

Use Classic Colours

With the summer over, and consumers in a more somber and less celebratory mood, you might try to use more classic design colours within your display, rather than the brighter tones of summer. Black and white displays, and the use of deep reds and blues can help you to capture the attention while fitting in with the fall mood at upcoming events.

Use Summer Data

How well did your products sell during the summer events? Which of the products was more well received by those in attendance during the summer months? Make sure that you take all the data into consideration when planning your fall exhibit booths. This will allow you to optimize your booth for a better response from qualified buyers.

Consider Upcoming 2018 Releases

It’s now the ideal time to get your customers ready for the upcoming 2018 releases. Make sure you incorporate next year’s products and initiatives within your displays, and begin to build momentum over the next few months.

Our qualified team at Best Displays & Graphics is committed to helping you achieve your ideal fall exhibit booths. To learn more on the options available, call us today!