Are you making full use of social media at your trade show appearances?  Social media is currently one of the favored ways for people to meet and communicate, and so it can be a powerful tool in creating memorable trade show presentations.  Good use of social media can engage viewers at your booth and extend your outreach to people at home!

Whenever people ask us for trade show display tips, we always make sure to suggest the use of social media. Here are some of the best ways you can utilize it.

Trade Show Display Tips: Seven Ways to Integrate Social Media

1. Pre-show marketing

Be sure to talk about your upcoming trade show appearances on all your social media feeds.  Don’t wait until the last minute, either!  Treat it like a product reveal, with a buildup that goes on for a while before the actual event.

2. Custom Hashtags Spread Awareness

During the run-up to your trade show appearance, invent a hashtag to go along with it.  Even something as simple as #CompanyTradeshowYear can work, although it’s better if you can be more catchy or creative.  Then, at the show, encourage guests to use your hashtag in their own posts.

3. Run contests

If you want to encourage more people to participate in your social media at the show, contests are the way to go.  Rather than a traditional raffle, go with “Tweet to Win!” or “Reshare to Win!” style promotions.  (This is also a great way to grab contact info.)

4. Keep the updates coming

Be sure to post plenty of updates on social media throughout the show.  Don’t only cover your booth, either.  Send people out to wander the show and tweet about interesting things that are going on, or other booths/presentations you like.  Social media is social, so giving another company a shoutout will often get you one in return.

5. Livestream your most important presentations

One of the best aspects of social media at trade shows is that it can bring people into your booth who can’t be there physically.  By live-streaming your big presentations, you get the best of both worlds: people at the show get a great performance, and folks at home can see the highlights as well.

6. Keep up conversations and ask questions

If your social media campaign is successful, you should see engagement from viewers online.  Be sure to respond to them, as much as you reasonably can.  In particular, answer any questions that are asked.  This is a great opportunity to showcase yourself.

7. Social doesn’t stop after the show ends

Keep up the stream of posts after the end of the show and look for opportunities to connect with any new followers you picked up at the event.  Treat new social contacts as seriously as you’d treat any other new leads.

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