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Trade show booths and displays are as individual as the companies putting them together.  So when it comes to implementing ever-changing technology into your display, there’s no one right way. 

The best starting point is simply to think in terms of goals.  Why are you creating the booth?  Is it to build leads?  Increase outreach?  Show off new products?  It’s best to have one primary target that you’re shooting for.  Stretch goals are fine but keep your focus on a single objective.  Once you’ve got that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how your booth design and the technology within it, will support your objective.

How To Design A Technology Trade Show Booth: Four Critical Factors

  1. Keep it relevant and integrated

Much like a well-engineered car, or a perfectly plated meal, a great trade show display is made up of many elements that are all carefully chosen to work well together.  Everything in your booth, from the signage to the lighting to the products presented, should all feel like they “fit” as part of the same space.  They should all be on-message, and all focused on pushing that objective you selected.

Careful use of colors and text fonts, in particular, are a good way to tie various parts of a technology trade show booth together.  If everything has the same “theme” it becomes much easier to integrate all the various design elements into a single cohesive vision.

  1. Always focus on the visitor experience

You aren’t putting together a technology trade show booth for yourself, you’re putting it together for the visitors.  Always keep usability and UX in mind as you design the booth.  Think about visitor flow-through, and walking patterns, so that the booth won’t become congested.  How will attendees be educated on your products or services? Will you use touch technology, LED walls or virtual reality?

Also, look for ways that a visitor might customize or personalize their time there, to make their visit even more memorable.  Social media integration is a great way to achieve this, such as having custom Instagram filters for your visitors’ selfies.

  1. Always have a backup plan

We’ve seen so many potentially great booths over the years fall prey to bad luck, and not having recovery options.  Technology always has the potential to fail.  Batteries may run dry, and power strips may go bad.  Booth elements might be damaged during set-up or tear-down.  

Be prepared.  Think of as many ways your booth could fail as you can, then come up with backup or failover strategies.  

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  1. Enlist the services of a qualified display provider

If you want to make your booth design and technology implementation go more smoothly, hiring a knowledgeable display provider is the way to go.  They’ll take away the stress of setting up the booth while having the experience to cope with unexpected surprises.

Best Displays & Graphics offers turnkey services that make trade show displays easy!  Contact us to learn more.