By understanding the value of a trade show appearance at you can begin to maximize your firm’s return on investment in trade show marketing. Our trusted team at Best Displays & Graphics has significant experience in this area of the industry, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting our five tips for enhancing your company’s appearance at trade show events.

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  1. Secure the right spot

The right location at the trade show venue can make all the difference. Make sure you secure a high traffic booth location in which you’ll secure a number of leads. The best locations tend to be closer to entrances and to exits, and near to wireless hotspots at the event venue. Scout the location ahead of time and review your location options.

  1. Set clear goals

The leading mistake many companies make in their event marketing is not setting clear and concise goals. What is it that you’re looking to achieve at the event, and what steps will the company take to achieve these goals? Whether it’s building qualified lead numbers or booking a number of appointments for follow-ups, make sure the goal is clear and understood through your display marketing and event staff.

  1. Scope out competitors

What are your competitors doing for the event? How are they handling their marketing and design work? Look to recent trade shows for reference. Ensure you know who will be hosting exhibits at the venue and consider their promotional materials. This can ensure you invest in a marketing campaign that stands out from the crowd and secures your event return on investment.

  1. Commit to staff training

Your staff should know the ins and outs of your organizations products and services. They should know the value provided by your company and the key selling points in approaching potential clients. Make sure your event staff is trained to answer common questions with clarity and confidence.

  1. Design the exhibit for the audience

Make sure the design of your exhibit corresponds with the event audience. For an audience of CEOs and professionals, the booth display should feature muted colours and standout stats within the call to action. For a younger audience, consider using brighter colours or humour and intelligence to engage the crowd.

Our experienced team at Best Displays & Graphics can help guide you in capturing attention at upcoming events. To discover more about our services call us today.