December 1, 2015 – The winter weather is now arriving in Canada, and this means that trade show promoters must consider how they’re going to store their displays. Some inexperienced business owners make significant mistakes within the storage process, and so to prevent breakage and tears within their trade show exhibits, we’ll look at three tips for storing trade show displays in winter.

  1. Review the Storage Facility’s Reputation

For those considering a storage facility, it’s important to analyze the facility reputation carefully. Does the company have a proven history of decades in service? Do they have specialist services for the storing of trade show display materials? These are important considerations within this process.

  1. Consider the Duration of Storage

Trade show events take place all-year-round. But some business owners may prefer to store their displays throughout wintertime due to the limited number of trade show opportunities during winter. It’s important to consider how long the product will be in storage and whether the display will be easily accessible should an event opportunity arise on short notice.

  1. Book Well in Advance for Quality Facilities

Some firms offer specially-designed facilities for the storage of trade show exhibits in Canada during wintertime. Business owners may have to book these services well in advance. This means that the research process should be as soon as possible, and business owners should speak directly with trusted industry stakeholders to find out the best storage facilities with open spaces in the current marketplace.

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