August 9, 2017 — When booking your upcoming trade shows, it’s important to ensure that the venue and the event are of the requisite caliber to support your firm’s marketing goals. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics has decades of experience in the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll explore more on the subject with four tips for booking trade shows when hosting trade show displays in Canada.

Book Months in Advance

One mistake companies make is waiting until the weeks before the event to book a trade show. By waiting for this amount of time, it makes it more likely that you will be unprepared for the event. It will also mean you’re unable to capitalize on the potential value of pre-event marketing.

Speak with Event Reps

Before booking your place, you should also speak with event reps to determine whether the event is right for you and your company. How many attendees will be there? Will there be opportunities for cross-promotion during the event? These are important considerations when speaking with local event reps.

Look for Venue Technical Elements

Does the venue have all the technical elements you require to achieve your marketing goals?or example, do they offer wireless connections so you can keep your online stream updated throughout the event? Further technical elements to consider include microphones and linked podiums, for hosting guest speakers.

Review Costs Well in Advance

Another consideration to make well in advance of the tradeshow is to review the cost of hosting your trade show displays. For growing companies, the cost of the event might not match the potential returns, and so close consideration of all expenditures is imperative.

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