Our team at Best Displays & Graphics have worked with clients across various industries to expand their customer-bases and capture the attention through quality trade show display systems. Using our attention to detail and our understanding of display marketing, we’ve been able to guide many customers across North America in meeting their event marketing objectives. In this new post, we’re exploring our work with the team at Strainprint.

About Strainprint Technologies

Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd. is a demand-side cannabis data and analytics company with the world’s largest longitudinal, observational data-set of its kind. With a mission to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a mainstream therapy, Strainprint™ helps medical cannabis patients and doctors to use cannabis in the most effective and responsible way possible. Their data supports global cannabis research and provides advanced business intelligence and treatment guidance to producers, retailers, medical practitioners, pharmacies, government and industry around the globe.

The request

The team at Strainprint attends many trade shows throughout the year, often attending multiple events at one time. Recently, they required a display for a medical cannabis conference to be held in Boston. Within their booth, they wanted to display a giant smartphone that would capture audience attention. They bought a 22-inch monitor, which acted as the cell phone screen, while Best Displays and our team built a smartphone surround that attached itself to the monitor via magnets.

Why Best Displays?

The company has worked with several other graphics and display groups in the past, but, after working with our team, they had no reason to go back to any other company. They’ve found that Best Displays continues to meet their every event need within their trade show display options. And they expect to continue their working relationship with us as they attend new events in the future.

The Display

The service included our team designing and packaging the entire booth. The final product and service included lighting, framing, and graphics. The product allowed the company to meet their marketing goals while creating a distinct presence at the event.

More from the Client

“Their price, service and out of the box thinking are the three quality components that come to mind when opting to work with Best Displays. At Strainprint, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Best Displays for years to come!”

Our trusted team at Best Displays & Graphics has decades of proven experience in the trade show display services field. To discover more about our market-leading company and the full range of services we provide, call us today for more information.