November 14th – Within the trade show marketplace in Toronto, banner stands continue to be a great choice for many companies. But for those just entering the local trade show market, it’s important to understand the value banner stands provide and how the products maintain their value in the long-term. In this latest post, we’re highlighting the four reasons for the popularity of banner stands in the Toronto marketplace.

  1. Bold graphics

Banner stands are designed to offer durability, but the graphics that could be added to a banner stand weren’t of the highest standard until recently. New innovations mean that companies can now achieve both high durability and exceptional graphic quality when working with banner stands.

  1. Scalability

Companies can now combine their banner stands to build a giant presence at their upcoming trade show event. Rather than use one unit, they can use them side-by-side to achieve the look of a back wall. They can also be used for table top displays for the ultimate in at-event marketing value.

  1. Simple set up

Team members often don’t have time during the event to set up the display and ensure it’s installed effectively at the venue. Banner stands assure a simple set up process that can be completed in minutes without installation experience, giving teams more time for promotional work.

  1. Display flexibility

Some banner stands are designed with swappable graphics, so that promotions can be changed during the event. This gives companies the ability to market their full range of products and meet various objectives within their trade show marketing.

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