July 16, 2014

The path to creating that ideal trade show booth design can only be navigated by those who understand how to communicate with specialists along the way. Learning the correct techniques to working with those who have design skill is a pre-requisite for long-term trade show success. And so in this blog, we’ll focus on three questions that company leaders must ask specialists when refining their trade show booth designs.

1) What is the Turnaround Time for Your Work?

Business owners must have a comprehensive schedule in place to ensure their booth designs are ready for the event. This means that the first question on the agenda involves asking how quickly the company can work. Of course, the quality of the work is the leading factor and by this stage business leaders should have reviewed the company’s work to ensure it’s of the highest standard.

2) Do you Offer Discounts for Long-Term Work Projects?

Oftentimes, design companies will offer a discount to clients who are willing to work with them over many years. This means that business owners who have many events planned for the future should discuss possible long-term agreements with the design team to ensure optimal pricing.

3) What Guarantee Do You Offer?

It’s important that the design company has a professional project approval process in place to ensure all stakeholders approve the content before it goes to print. Business owners should try to find out as much as possible about the company’s service quality guarantees before the project begins.

The most successful tradeshow display designs are the result of seamless communication between brands and their chosen design specialist. Open the channels of communication by asking the preceding questions and you’ll experience great returns for that investment in professional workmanship.