June 2, 2015

With all the planning work and the analysis involved in getting your brand’s team ready for a future trade show event, it can be easy to let smaller event processes slip your mind. When trying to craft the ideal booth display for your trade show event, however, this can often lead to a limited impact on an important day for the company. To help jog your memory, here are three elements business leaders often forget when selecting their booth display.

  1. 6 - Monitor 247 10' Curved Pop Up with 2 MonitorsWireless Connection

Your wireless connection will help you broadcast your event attendees to an online audience. It will also help ensure your event team can update the company’s CRM system with attendee information in real-time. Remember to bring all the elements required for streamline wireless.

  1. Set-Up Time

Many of the leading displays take time to set up. If you’ve purchased your system and are responsible for the setting up process, you should ensure all staff members know their role in the process. Try to get as many team members as possible involved during the set-up phase for the display. This will reduce the time required and ensure your reps are ready to promote your products and services when the event begins.

  1. 13 - Welcome Home Relocations Banner Stands & Pop Up CounterStorage

For smaller companies, the cost of storing a tradeshow display is a leading consideration. Both before and after the event, the booth display should be placed in a safe, cool and dry space to reduce the potential for damage. Discuss storage options with your team well in advance of the next event. This can then ensure you achieve full long-term value for your investment in a top class booth display.

Through a little forethought and working alongside company event reps, you can ensure streamlined trade show processes. To learn more on selecting the right display product for your future events, speak with our trusted team here at Best Displays & Graphics directly.