September 6, 2016 – Truss displays are now widely used at events across the country to provide companies a flexible system on which to base their promotions. But purchasing a truss display is not always a straightforward process. In this latest post, our trade show experts look at three unique considerations for buying a truss display.

CGI__001Set Up Time

Because of the complexity of truss display options, they often require more set up time than the average display. And so this means that companies should carefully consider how to approach the set up processes. One leading option is to work with a specialist for the set up work. This ensures that teams have enough time to work with event attendees without having to worrying about damaging the truss display during the set up process.


While the truss display does offer immense promotional value and flexibility to organizations across the marketplaces, it can be more expensive than a pop up display of a similar size. And so buyers should carefully consider their budget during the truss display purchase process. It’s critical to allocate resources effectively and only buy the display when there’s a clear plan for its integration within trade show campaigns.


Display truss products can be challenging to ship from one venue to another. However, some companies are now investing in flexible truss systems that can be easily dismantled after the show has been completed for seamless shipping. Make sure teams understand precisely how to transport truss displays before making that investment in a new system, as shipping costs can rise considerably for the larger truss products.

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