As Ontario enters stage 3 of re-opening after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s only a matter of time before businesses begin to start frequenting trade shows again. But how is this year going to be different from previous years? If you want to have a one-of-a-kind trade show display to wow potential clients, the team from Best Displays & Graphics has some tips for you here.

Below you’ll find some of today’s leading trends and trade show tactics to help you make the most out of your next event!

1. Make Your Space Efficient

When it comes to trade show displays, it’s all about maximizing your floor space, so try to make your next booth as efficient as possible. Try using shelves, hanging banners, employing tabletop displays, and other inventive modifications to make the best use of your booth’s square footage allotment.

2. Create an Open Floor Plan

Making trade show attendees feel comfortable in your booth is one of the best ways for them to stick around for a while, so make sure yours isn’t cluttered and offers ample space to move around in. The longer someone stays, the better chance there is of them becoming a customer.

3. Think Virtual

Nowadays, with many rethinking their approaches to trade shows, there’s no reason why you can’t set up a modular display or background and participate in a virtual trade show. This can give attendees a chance to see and do things a little differently and perhaps even see a different side of your business.

4. Work with a Team of Pros

Often, setting up and breaking down a modular trade show display can be time-consuming and difficult, unless you’ve done it before. That’s why many choose to work with a team of professionals like Best Displays & Graphics to ensure things go off without a hitch.

5. Familiarize Yourself with Trade show Requirements

No two trade shows are alike. This means that each one will have unique requirements in terms of management, placement of your booth, what you can and can’t display, and other factors. Be sure you review all of these terms thoroughly before beginning your trade show display setup, otherwise, you might find yourself having to break it right back down again due to a minor violation.

6. Consider Renting Booth Display Components

You don’t always have to spend an arm and a leg when designing your company’s trade show booth. In fact, many companies, Best Displays & Graphics included, offer affordable rentals and a range of customization options. This makes it easy to create an eye-catching trade show booth with a variety of informative components without having to go over your trade show budget.

7. Keep Things Sanitary

The pandemic is not yet gone, nor forgotten, and visitors to trade shows will likely have sanitation at the forefront of their mind, so be sure to offer them a clean and sanitary environment when they enter your trade show booth. For months to come, the “new normal” will likely consist of having ample stores of hand sanitizer on location, as well as social distancing decals throughout your booth to make sure attendees maintain the proper distance from each other while checking out your brand.

8. Take a Look at What Others are Doing

One of the best ways to get a take on the trends in 2020 and the coming years is to take a step outside of your trade show booth and take a look at what others are doing. Are people using more AV and technology with their displays? Perhaps there’s a new trend of two-story displays to capitalize on showroom floor space. Either way, you’ll never know if you’re stuck inside your booth.

9. Determine Your Goals Beforehand

Before even setting foot into your next trade show, make certain you have some clear goals in mind when designing your trade show display. Are you trying to get more qualified leads or grow your contact list? Perhaps you want to showcase your latest product. Either way, defining some clear goals and objectives will help make your next trade show display booth unique and your event a success.

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