November 21, 2013

The success of organizations at trade show events often comes down to their ability to make a connection with the event audience. And there are few better ways to make a lasting connection to an event audience than through the use of graphic design. One of the many challenges that organizations face in creating eye-catching graphic design for events they are often limited in terms of resources. So within this blog, we’ll highlight two concepts that simply require creativity and imagination.

1)      Effective use Branding and Logos

Utilizing branding and logos effectively is perhaps one of the key ingredients of successful marketing campaigns. That one iconic image can become preserved within a viewer’s memory when companies utilize this tool effectively. Often, the best branding designs are the most simple. Companies must consider what their brand represents and create a few ideas on paper. And then speak with a local graphic design specialist to help these ideas come to life for events.

2)      Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the greatest tools available to visual artists. It enables a sense of communication with an audience that will help them relate to the brand in a way they never thought possible. The story could involve the use of graphic characters within branding or it could be the company retelling their brand story through graphic material. By using the best-practices of storytelling as their base, companies can create effective campaigns that engage across a broad range of demographics.

Embrace visual content. Your firm and your trade show presence will benefit from effectively utilizing creative visuals to appeal to an event audience.