For companies advertising at trade show events, the planning and coordination stages are the most imperative in ensuring the best possible results in terms of lead generation at the venue. Companies must consider all their options in order to ensure that they target the right audience members for their display. Only by finding motivated potential clients can organizations get the best ROI from event attendance. Within this blog, we’ll look at two ways to ensure the right visitors attend a trade show booth.

1) Targeted Giveaways

Motivated potential clients are simply looking for a way to find the product or service they need. By offering trade show incentives such as discounts, companies can attract visitors to their trade show booths with ease. It’s important that these giveaways provide inherent value to the client, and that the value provided ensures the client is connected to the company for the long term. For example, cell phone companies might offer long-term contracts at lower prices during trade show events.

2) Pre-event Marketing

Social networks now provide companies with a superb opportunity to connect with potential clients before events. If the company doesn’t already have an online social network account, they may wish to set up one for free and announce their attendance at the trade show event. Social media followers can then connect directly with the organization to arrange potential meetings during the event.

Finding the right leads is the key to success at any business event. Following the preceding advice will allow companies to ensure that their campaigns are rooted in successful strategies for the long-term future.