For those that have created standout trade show displays that include the standout design elements one might expect from a leading industry company, it’s easy to believe that the job has been completed. After all, the goal is to get visitors to attend the company’s display. But the question remains “How can organizations engage visitors to their trade show displays and enhance visitors’ urge to connect with the company?” With that thought in mind, let’s look at some of the leading tips for developing business leads at trade show events.

1) Representatives Must Ask to Open-Ended Questions

Without truly getting to know individuals at trade show events, it will be difficult for representatives to develop long-term, profitable business relationships. That’s why it’s important for those that are hosting your company’s trade show displays to ask visitors open-ended questions about their personal business needs.

One such question might be “What is currently the largest challenge to your business’s success?” This invites attendees to talk more about the business and will give representatives the opportunity to discuss ways in which your organization can resolve the client’s core operational issues.

2) Record a Comprehensive Database of Visitor Information

Collecting data is an excellent way to increase lead generation potential once the trade show has been completed and the trade show displays have been taken down Ensure trade show representatives create a full database concerning the information provided by attendees. Information such as products the customers are interested in, customer pain points, and degree of interest will allow companies to set up a plan of action for post-event marketing.