January 17, 2013

Display design is one of the foremost considerations when building a trade show display. Few companies can succeed with their trade show event marketing when their displays don’t meet the required standard in terms of aesthetics. It’s therefore important that companies planning on establishing a trade show presence first review the factors involved in professionals trade show display design. With that in mind, here are two tips to considering during the designing process:

1)      Design with your Audience in Mind

For any style of marketing to be effective, it must be pointed and well defined. Success in display marketing comes from understanding the pain points of an audience and resolving those pain points by clearly highlighting the advantages of the business’s product or service. For example, if the audience is going to include a majority of those within the industry, displays should be directed towards establishing brand success. This could be leads to unique business connections with others working in the same field at the event.

2)      Use Few Words and Enlarge Each Word

Marketers using words on their trade show displays must make each word count. There is little room for error when creating a display and therefore it’s often far better to state a single advantage using great wording than to amaze audience members by placing many different advantages on displays. Companies that understand the benefits of simplicity can succeed in the longer term with their marketing objectives.

Aesthetics drive marketing success. Ensure display design concepts are professionally created and follow the rules of the industry to succeed.