Trade shows are the ideal promotional space in which to add value to your brand. But without preparation and the proper tools, your company’s investment in booking space at a trade show for your displays and in purchasing trade show architecture will likely be wasted. There are many networking opportunities at trade shows for those that plan ahead. Here are two key tips to help ensure your business can capitalize on the trade show opportunity.

1) During Breaks, Have Reps Introduce Your Company to Others

Trade show reps will have to take breaks from standing at their trade show displays. During these breaks, it’s important that they speak with others at the event about their company’s products. Trade show events will likely have companies emanating from the same field. This represents the ideal place for attendees to create profitable partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and others who could help build the company’s brand.

2) Print Professional Business Cards

While most communication between businesses is now conducted online, there’s something to be said for the older methods of communicating such as business cards. The right business card can present a lasting professional impression upon potential clients. Remember to have your company’s reps bring as many business cards as possible to the event to hand out. Ensure however that they are printed by professional, reputable companies that can make your organization stand out for the quality of its solutions.

Trade shows are all about connecting with others in the industry. Whether you’re looking for potential partners or clients, following the preceding networking tips will help you position your business for success.