September 26, 2013

The effectiveness of trade show displays as a tool for reaching out to potential clients across North American trade shows is well-documented. Whether in the US or in Canada, trade show displays are often the centerpiece of a company’s on-the-road marketing campaign. Therefore, firms must take great care to ensure that each element is optimized for maximum returns. Within this blog, we’ll look at two factors that many business owners across Canada might have overlooked in choosing trade show displays.

1)      Plan for Setup and Dismantling Time

Oftentimes organizations are so busy selecting their ideal system that they overlook the time it will take them to set up that system at the event venue.  Complex displays can take upwards of an hour to build and optimize and often require more than two people to set up. This means that firms should ensure that the displays they chose are designed to be set up quickly with as few additional resources required as possible.

2)      Review The Size Constraints of the Trade Show Space

One of the more challenging aspects of deciding on a trade show display is finding a system that fits a specific space. Companies must review the parameters of their space alongside a trade show specialist in order to find quality displays that will integrate seamlessly and enhance the firm’s brand reputation.

There are many unique aspects to take into consideration at the inception of a promotional campaign in Canada. Ensure your organization is at the forefront of the event field by taking a proactive approach to campaign management.