September 12, 2013

Growing organizations are continuously looking for methods through which to drive leads to their business. And trade shows remain one of the most effective areas to complete this business objective. But, in order to ensure that their trade show booth displays stand out over the competition’s, companies must add a little extra to the traditional booth set-up. Within this blog, we’ll review two unique additions that will drive value for the small business.

1)      Literature Racks

When promoting a small business, it’s imperative to have as many lead-generating materials as possible at a business event. Companies should consider adding literature racks filled with leaflets concerning their company’s innovations. These leaves could act as a great starting point for a sales pitch from an at-event representative. Organizations should only consider literature racks that can be easily folded up and transported.

2)      Display Stand with an Integrated Touch Screen Monitor

Display stands are a traditional method of presenting additional information about the organization. But modern companies can add the “wow factor” to their display stands by utilizing a touch-screen display option. This touch screen should connect to valuable information about the company and its product line. Whether the small company wishes to detail its story to success or highlight its products via a how-to video, touch screen technology gives the audience member control over their interactive media experience at the event.

Add a new dimension to your company’s trade show booth displays and help your organization realize its true potential. By building visitor interest at the event and capturing leads, companies can continue their successes from one event to the next, years into the future.