July 2, 2013

With the success of hundreds of potential events in the future depending upon the right choice of trade show display, companies are under immense pressure to optimize the process for a sure-fire ROI. But with many unique options available, there’s no simple path to choosing the ideal trade show displays. So within this blog, we’ll review the two top mistakes growing organizations make when they choose their company displays.

1)      Leaving the Selection Until the Last Minute

It can be tremendously difficult to run a small business as a sole proprietor. The day-to-day running of the company and interactions with customers can often take as much as 10 hours of each workday. Company owners must set aside time to select trade show displays. Leaving the choice until the last minute will eliminate many of the best available options and reduce the amount of research time available when reviewing the various choices. Begin the planning and procurement processes at least a month before the event.

2)      Choosing the Most Affordable Graphics

The design of the trade show display graphics is the most important element of any campaign management process. Companies that select their graphics-based purely on cost will receive the lowest quality graphics in terms of content. Try to find a company that provides value while offering a proven track record of success. There are many such companies available across North America. The key is researching the industry to find the ideal trade show partner.

Successful trade shows start with the selection of quality materials. Only by giving themselves enough preparation time and leaving some flexibility in their budget can firms truly achieve a foundation for success in their summer marketing campaigns.