April 30, 2013

The summer is quickly arriving. This means that instead of hosting business events in cramped halls and tightly packed meeting spaces, companies will now have the opportunity to attend outdoor trade shows. While the summer is a time of great opportunity for many smaller businesses, outdoor trade show events bring with them a unique set of challenges that must be overcome in order to succeed with marketing campaign objectives. So within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for maximizing investing in trade show display booths at outdoor events.

1)      Paperweights Should be Used to Maintain Booth Structure

In many cities across North America, the summer brings with it a blowing wind that can ruin the best-laid outdoor event plans. Therefore, companies should consider the elements within their trade show display architecture and place paperweights on their booths to protect their products from the wind. Paperweights should feature company branding information for added commercial returns.

2)      Consider Outdoor Power Option

In this digital age, attending outdoor events can make it difficult for tech companies to truly show off their latest innovations. However, organizations should consider speaking with the event organizers to discuss potential power options for their displays. Proactive companies can achieve a step up on their competition by including electronic displays when counterparts simply have non-interactive promotions.

The key to outdoor trade show event success is planning. Outdoor events depend heavily on the elements and the surrounding area. But exhibitors that are proactive will get the focus of event attendees and stand a better chance of achieving their overall marketing objectives.