July 16, 2013

Canadian companies are continuously under pressure to capitalize on the advantages of event marketing. But with a limited timeframe in which to prepare for such events, many firms are unable to achieve the return on investment for which they had hoped. That’s why many are now turning to expert event marketing professionals for help. Within this blog, we’ll detail the two keys for successfully hosting trade show booths at Vancouver and other Western Canada events.

1)      Prepare Expert Speakers

Companies should always have expert speakers ready to speak on behalf of their organization at trade show events. While these speakers could be working for the organization, they should not be promoting the company’s products or services. Instead, Vancouver firms can bring attention to their trade show booths by challenging preconceived industry notions. And using intriguing conversational topics to engage the event audience and drive leads for the business.

2)      Give Sales Teams the Lead Generation Tools to Succeed

The complete preparation of sales staff is one of the most important elements of organizing any trade show event. The top-performing sales staff is also the best tool for achieving event ROI. These employees will be the ones who know products inside and out and can talk with fluency and confidence about the company’s ethos and its inherent brand qualities. Prepare all sales teams in the months leading up to events, and then unleash them on the audience on the big day. Incentivizing results will help the firm achieve record lead generation figures.

Small Canadian companies can compete with their larger counterparts on a level playing crowd at trade show events. Complete organization-wide event preparation and utilizing in-house expertise are two key factors in achieving this operational objective.