With the strict budgeting that goes into preparing for a trade show event, the modern company leader understands that apportioning resources correctly is the key to a strong showing. Booth design is often one of the most underfunded event areas because organizations believe a simple standard template is enough to entice event visitors. This is not true. With hundreds of exhibitors at each corporate event, businesses must utilize their booth designs to stand out and presenting a lasting memory to those in attendance. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two keys to making standout booth designs.

1)      Use Virtual Trade Show Displays

With many companies facing funding problems with their marketing campaigns, utilizing virtual displays might not seem like the best use of resources. However, the cost of such an outlay is far outweighed by the benefits of integrating such a display. For just a few hundred dollars, companies can integrate a touch screen system within their display unit that highlights the benefit of their products. This kind of innovative approach to business will help the company to stand out at the event.

2)      Give Logos Prominence over All Other Design Elements

For smaller companies looking to ramp up their marketing campaigns by attending trade show events, it’s important to imprint an image of the company in the attendee’s mind. By presenting professionally designed logos on high visibility areas of trade show booths, companies can quickly enhance their brand recognition within their local area.

Effective trade show marketing can turn a small company into an industry leader, simply by following the rules of the industry. Booth designs don’t have to be complex. By following specialist advice, companies can make a big impact at their next industry event.