2-10' Vertical Curved Formulate Wall w Connection PanelMay 19, 2016 – At business events across the country, businesses are now harnessing tension fabric displays to stand out among the competition and maximize their brand recognition. They are proving to be immensely valuable in engaging trade show attendees and guiding growing companies to prominence at local events. Here, our team looks at the three leading advantages offered by tension fabric displays.

  1. They’re Simple to Move

Portability is an important factor when considering trade show display elements and it’s one of the reasons why so many companies are now working with tension fabric displays. Tension fabric displays are designed to be lightweight, and because they only come in a few pieces, they can be easily taken to the event venue in one vehicle with the rest of the team. This helps companies reduce the cost of display storage and display transportation.

  1. They’re Unique

At busy trade show events, it’s important for teams to ensure their display architecture stands out among the crowd. A company’s system should feature unique elements that no other company can match. And tension fabric systems are now bringing this level of event prominence to growing companies across the country. They’re the latest trend in high value event marketing displays.

  1. JetIce2They’re Easy to Set Up

Some traditional displays are challenging to put together. This might mean the company spends additional money on professionals to set up their system. Or it might mean they take more time during the show to put the display together themselves. Tension fabric displays are easy to set up, meaning teams can begin the promotional process seamlessly and within minutes of arriving at the venue.

Tension fabric displays are changing the way today’s leading companies promote their trade show presences. To learn more on these products, speak with our team today at 905-940-2378.