Display flags are now being used widely at events across the country to help capture the interest of event attendees and to drive brand recognition. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics helps companies capitalize on the unique value display flags can bring to their marketing campaigns.

In this new post, we’ll explore the value of display flags for event promotion and present our tips for success when working with flags.

Display flags at outdoor events

Outdoor events make it challenging for growing companies to capture the attention of visitors. Displaying your flag at the peak of your display in these venues can help capture the interest of those walking by your display and will help visualize what your brand has to offer. Make sure you consider the size and shape of your flag to maximize branding value. Using a uniquely shaped and sized flag can help you to stand out.

Use flags at community events

Another great way to make effective use of outdoor flags is to show your community spirit at local events. Using display flags at local venues has been shown to be a great way to get engagement from your local community and to inspire others within your organization. The flags should be professionally designed to showcase the company and to ensure lasting brand appeal from your event presence.

Work with flags at your storefront

If you operate a store or a brand location, you can use flags to capture interest from passersby’s and increase foot traffic customers. Flags are a great way to advertise both your brand and any special promotions you might have during the spring and summer months. If you operate on a busy street, you can use the flag to showcase your summer deals and stand out from your competition.

Why turn to Best Displays & Graphics for quality flags?

With a better understanding of how to harness flags effectively within your business, it’s important to take the time to review your options and choose a flag manufacturer and designer that offers a lasting return on investment. By working with our team, you can:

Our team at Best Displays & Graphics understands the challenges of promoting your brand at summer events. We offer the market’s leading display and flag products for a broad range of venues. Call us today to learn more.