Portable trade show displays are an effective and convenient advertising option for exhibitors who frequently travel to trade shows in various locations. At Best Displays & Graphics, we offer a range of vinyl, fabric, and banner stand displays for you to choose from.

Two of the most popular options for stunning portable trade show booth products are Hop Up and pocket wall displays. If you are considering purchasing a portable display to highlight your business at your next event, our team has provided a few details that you should know about each of these stunning display options.

Key Differences Between Hop-Up and Pocket Wall Portable Displays

Hop Up Displays

Our Hop Up portable displays utilizes a tension fabric, which allows for a highly impactful graphic design with striking colors to draw attention to your company. This is a popular large-scale graphic display option for those who are looking for a lightweight, easily transportable product that leaves a big footprint on smaller booth displays. Hop Up displays can be assembled in minutes, as the fabric graphic comes attached to an accordion-style frame and simply expands into place.

Hop Up displays are highly customizable with a variety of size options, which span up to 30 feet in height and width. Business owners can choose from curved or flat displays as well as fitted or front graphics, which offer additional opportunities for branding. Hop Up displays are perfect for small trade show booths that require a quick and easy setup that can be done by an individual employee.

Hop Up displays pair well with many accessories including compatible Hop Up counters, lighting, and backlighting. At Best Displays & Graphics, we offer convenient shipping and storage options to transport and house all of your display equipment.

Hop Up Displays

Pocket Wall Displays

Like Hop Up displays, pocket wall displays offer a range of sizes from 6-30 feet in height and width along with options for curved and straight-line surfaces. A tension pillowcase fabric is pulled over tube framing for a convenient method of graphic replacement when necessary.

Our pocket wall displays are printed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a graphic that makes a statement and accurately represents your business. These products work incredibly well with LED lighting to add an interesting element to a simple display and can be used to highlight particular products and services. Our Hop Up and pocket wall displays come with a convenient wheeled portable trade show display case for simple transportation.

Pocket Wall Portable Displays


Best Displays & Graphics Can Help

Best Displays & Graphics is Toronto’s best resource for all trade show equipment, accessories, booth installation, and design services. If you are looking for a stunning portable trade show display to give your business an edge against the competition, a Hop Up or pocket wall display may be the perfect option for you. View our gallery today and learn more about the portable display inventory at Best Displays & Graphics!