It’s the time of the year in which brands across the country are now attending summer events to promote their products and services. You’ll need to stand out if you wish to make a lasting impression on your attendees and potential clients. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics has experience in the outdoor marketing display field, and in this latest post, we’ll present our guide to outdoor summer event marketing.

Create a path with decals

One great way to diversify your companies outdoor marketing strategies is by using vinyl decals to create a path to your event tent. This helps to immediately bring the attendee into the advertising process and ensures they know exactly how to find the company’s tent. The decals can be used on signposts at the event, or directly on the concrete for prime placement.

Keep displays fresh by mixing and matching

You’re likely going to be attending numerous events throughout the summer season. So, you might consider mixing and matching your display tents, flags, and outdoor signage to ensure the display looks fresh and different at each upcoming event. This will allow your visitors to see a new side of the company at each venue and keep your summer marketing from becoming stale.

Use games to help keep a relaxed atmosphere

Your event guests are likely looking for a fun activity to enjoy while they attend the event. Give them the opportunity to win prizes as they take part in a game in your tent. Consider hosting quizzes or setting up a bean bag toss to keep your event space fun and interactive to visiting attendees.

Offer a cooling station

Event attendees are always looking for a way to beat the summer heat. Why not offer them a cooling station which incorporates a cooling USB fan as part of the offering? This can help give your sales team time to make their pitch while offering branded merchandise for those seeking to cool down out of the sun.

Our experts at Best Displays & Graphics are here to guide you within your upcoming summer event marketing activities. To discover more about the latest graphics and display options for your summer campaigns, call us directly!