Companies that are just beginning to make headway within their industry have many different operating costs to consider. Oftentimes marketing considerations must take a backseat to other areas such as customer service and product development.  However, for those who have been invited to attend an industry event, this is a unique opportunity to increase interest within the organization without spending thousands from the budget on a complex campaign. Within this post we’ll look at two ways in which hosting trade show booths can help an organization develop qualified leads.

1) Inviting Visitor Participation

Business owners should promote audience participation at their trade show booths by introducing small competitions with prizes. By asking guests to fill out a form and then place their name into a competition, they’re enticing further connection between the guest and the company. And they can even make the prize something related to the organization such as a product discount or free services. This is the ideal method for those looking to build leads quickly after the event.

2) Integrate Social Media

Whether it’s inviting guests to “check in” at their booth via an online service or simply creating Facebook Groups and Twitter lists, organizations can quickly build a large group of potential clients by utilizing social media before, during, and after the event. With the technology available to modern organizations, the methods for connecting with potentially lucrative business clients are virtually endless. Companies just have to be proactive in capitalizing on opportunities.

Success at tradeshow events derives from understanding what motivates guests to want to learn more about the organization. Create top-performing lead generation campaigns with the preceding tips.