It’s the start of the spring and summer event season and companies across Canada are now thinking about how to engage their summer event audiences with outdoor signage. Before selecting the right products for your marketing campaigns, it’s important you learn more about the options available to your company and brand. Within this latest guide, we’re showing your full range of outdoor signage options you can choose from.

Golf signs

Golf signs are a great option for those upcoming corporate golf tournaments and can help to highlight your sponsorship of events. You might also consider placing the signs on grassy areas outside the business to highlight your promotions, products, and services. These signs can quickly capture the attention of local foot traffic and help you turn a profit from your summer promotions.

Vinyl signs

Vinyl signs are a flexible display product that can help you capture the interest of your target audience with precision. One of the key benefits of vinyl signs is they are low-cost, which means many smaller companies can add vinyl signage to their inventories and reduce their campaign expenditures. They can also be fastened easily to a fence or signpost, ensuring simple integration in and around your business.

Outdoor banner stands

The latest outdoor banner stands are designed to offer durability and wind-resistance for effective promotions throughout the summer. Their durability and style help companies achieve a clear return on investment when adding banner stands to their campaign display options.


Outdoor marketing in the summer requires your company to think a little differently and use new products that invite attention and interest. Outdoor flags are a key tool this summer season and can be used at events where they can be paired with tents and displays. Flags can also be used outside your business for attracting attention from local passers-by.

Vinyl decals

Whether they’re used in direction signage or placed on your company vehicles, vinyl decals can grab attention in any environment. Bright and vivid, these display products can be professionally designed to ensure that ideal marketing message for your summer promotions.

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The goal of investing in outdoor signage is to increase interest in your company and compel your target audience to buy into your company’s products and services. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics can help you reach your summer promotional goals. We have decades of display building and designing experience and work with the leading companies across the country to help drive lasting branding value and results. To learn more about our work and our service options, contact us today for a consultation.