Wednesday, December 6th    – We see requests come in from clients of all sizes, with all sorts of desires for their trade show display.  When accommodating those requests there’s one particular display solution we find ourselves coming back to time and again: FabFrame displays with tension fabric graphics.

While there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to creating great trade show displays, the FabFrame system comes close! It’s remarkably versatile, as well as being affordable and easy to work with.  It’s extremely rare for us to be facedith situations where FabFrame isn’t a good fit, so it’s something we make extensive use of in our work.

Whether you’re hiring someone to do your trade show designs, or you’re creating your own, an investment into FabFrame is rarely wasted.

Six Benefits of Designing Trade Show Displays with FabFrame and Tension Fabric

  1. Totally Modular

FabFrame is similar to a construction set made up of aluminum beams and connectors, which makes it simple to create display frameworks of almost any imaginable size or shape.  It’s completely modular.  If you want to make a bigger booth, just add more framework components.

Likewise, it’s much easier to reduce the size of a FabFrame display.  For example, if you’re attending two trade shows, but working with different size booths at each show, it’s relatively easy to create FabFrame layouts that can be reworked to fill different amounts of space.  This flexibility makes it a great option for companies who plan to attend several shows, and don’t want to be tied down to a single fixed booth footprint and design.

  1. Tool-less Assembly and Teardown

Another reason we love FabFrame is that it’s extremely easy for even newcomers to assemble and break down – no tools are required!  Often, if a customer doesn’t want us to handle their logistics, we can just provide a set of instructions – kind of like IKEA furniture – for putting the booth together.  Generally, it only takes one or two people to handle the setup and teardown of even a large booth.

  1. Easy Portability

Size doesn’t only matter when it comes to the footprint of a trade show display – it also matters when it comes to shipment and storage!  FabFrame products can be broken down into their component parts, making them easy to move around.  Often, an entire booth can fit into just a couple duffel bags or hard cases.

This significantly reduces costs on transportation, as well as storage in between shows.  To avoid spending an arm and a leg on booth design, shipping, and storage, FabFrame is your solution to maximize your trade show ROI!


  1. Reusability

In addition, what this adds up to is flexibility. Once you have a good set of FabFrame pieces, they can be used over and over in different configurations.  With the purchase of new graphics, you have a brand-new booth for the fraction of the cost.

This is another great way to stretch your trade show budget while achieving maximum impact.

  1. High-Quality Graphics

Digital printing has come a long way in recent years, and it’s now possible to print extremely high-resolution images with vibrant color directly onto fabrics.  The high-quality, heavy-knit tension fabric used for FabFrame designs stretches cleanly across the entire display, without leaving any obvious seams.  It also adds support and helps to hold the framework together.

Plus, working with fabric means you have a lot of options for creating showpieces of different shapes and sizes.  You aren’t limited to squares and rectangles.  Rounded pieces such as ovals or U-shapes are also entirely possible.  If needed, we can even help you “keystone” your graphic design so that it displays properly on a tapered surface like the outside of a cone.

  1. Technology Support

FabFrame isn’t limited to cloth, either!  FabFrame designs are sturdy enough to support lighting, flat-panel TVs, interactive tablets, and more.  In fact, adding lighting to the interior of your FabFrame framework is an excellent way to subtly increase the eye-appeal of your booth, but without having obvious lights all over the place.  The FabFrame display simply glows, leading visitors to your booth.

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