OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJune 23, 2016 – With the summer season now beginning, you may be planning to attend one of the many outdoor trade shows in your area. Outdoor trade shows offer a range of opportunities unavailable during indoor events in the fall and winter. And so within this post, we’ll highlight the unique advantages of summer promotions, as we present five tips to improve your outdoor trade show booth.

  1. Consider Power Requirements Carefully

Outdoor trade show events will have unique power demands not required indoors where plug sockets are plentiful. If you’re going to be using a television display or sound system within your booth, consider the power requirements carefully. It’s time to begin looking at generator options!

  1. Full Dye Sub Tent & Full WallOffer a Covered Space

When you’re the only company with a covered trade show space at the event, you’ll likely invite more guests to the booth. Make sure there’s an area where guests can sit in the shade or away from the summer rain.

  1. Review Event Flags

Event flags can help companies stand out across a large promotional space. Ensure your firm uses high quality flags with the brand’s logo imprinted on them for standout value.

  1. Make Communication a Priority

Communication should be carefully considered as part of your event strategy. Ensure that each team member has access to a mobile device throughout the event so that they can communicate with others back at the office while supporting all event processes on the day.

  1. Distinctive Engineering - Thermal Imprint (2)Ensure Cleanup Arrangements Are Made

Within the event community, working together with other exhibit hosts ensures brands build their marketplace reputation. Staying behind to clean up their areas and help other exhibitors will help your brand build an understanding with others in the industry.

Outdoor trade show events can help boost your brand’s promotional work this coming summer season! To learn more, call the team here at Best Displays & Graphics today at 905-940-2378.