At Best Displays, we’re committed to researching the marketplace and helping our clients capitalize on the latest innovations and trends taking place in the trade show field. It’s one the ways in which we’ve grown as a company over our decades serving our clients. And so in this latest post, we’ll examine three of the leading trends in trade show signage.

  1. Promotion of Social Media

Social media is now influencing a broad range of business decisions in the marketing department and this has now spread to the trade show floor. Most companies are now highlighting their social media profiles on their trade show signage as they look to establish an on-going conversation with trade show attendees.

  1. Straight Line Displays

While, in recent years, companies have been trying to outdo one another with uniquely shaped displays, the latest trend has seen more companies choose a simpler and more classical signage shape. Straight lines are now the fashion on the trade show floor as companies focus on the messaging rather than the distinctive build of their displays.

  1. Textural Display Products

Signage is now being increasingly constructed from environmentally-friendly real-world materials that bring a sense of authenticity to the brand. Wood displays, for example, are being seen in increasing number at trade show events.

By maximizing the appeal of their trade show signage using the latest trends, trade show marketers can keep up with their competitors and build their brand from the event floor. To learn more on the market trends, speak with our expert team directly!