Tension fabric displays now hold significant value for today’s trade show exhibitor. They can be used to highlight products at business events while assuring ease-of-transportation and lightweight performance. Using tension fabric displays effectively requires capitalizing on their versatility, and so in this latest post we’ll showcase three tips for using tension fabric displays.

  1. Practice setting up

To help your day of event run smoothly, it’s important to take the time to practice setting up the tension fabric displays prior to your event. Request a tutorial from your display provider, and bring a colleague who will be on-site at the event. Assigning an in-house team member to this process ensures someone is in control of the setup when the event begins.

  1. Consider lighting

With limited natural lighting at most trade show venues, you might consider adding lighting to your tension fabric to achieve the appropriate mood and best effect. Adding lighting can help to draw the eye to your fabric display as well as ensure all promotional material is highlighted effectively.

  1. Take inventory

In preparation for your event, do an inventory of all the fasteners and other accessories that come with the tension fabric displays. You don’t want the added stress or lost time traveling between your office and the venue, so an extra product count can help ensure you have more time before the event for practicing your visitor interactions.

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