To draw customers to your booths, exhibits or display stands at your next industry event your displays must be unique and capture the imagination of onlookers. In order to do achieve this mission-critical goal, you will need a solution that is customized precisely for your organization and the event it’s attending. Let Best Displays help you, by reviewing the innovative and modular options available within our catalogue.

Our representatives attend hundreds of trade show events each year across Canada and the United States. This allows us to track the trends within the industry and evolve our product catalogue to match those trends; therefore offering the very newest display architecture to our clients.

One of the emerging trends within the field of trade show design is fabric displays. And with that in mind, we now offer our low cost, easy to construct T3 Fabframe fabric display stands. These fabric displays offer a resounding array of advantages to organizations who attend multiple trade show events each year.

First and foremost, the fabric allows for superb print quality that enables superior definition for graphics and added style elements within the display. Because of its fabric construction, the product is also extremely lightweight, which means that these displays stands are portable and can easily be taken from one destination to another to serve as an excellent promotional tool for your organization. In addition, this system is modular, which means that it can conform to a number of different sizes based on the requirements and constraints of your company as it seeks to compete for attention at industry events.

We’re making cutting-edge products affordable for every size organization, so contact Best Displays today to see how we can help your company capitalize on its tradeshow presence with our innovative solutions.