August 25, 2016 — It’s the debate that many business leaders are now having across the country: which is the superior material for our event graphic design, vinyl or fabric? To help guide you in answering this question and ensure you have the information to make the right choice for your brand, we’ll highlight three tips for coming to a decision within this latest post.

  1. Vinyl the Ideal Choice for Outdoor EventsGraphic Design

If you’re hosting an outdoor event in the coming months, or you’ll be primarily using the display outdoors, then vinyl is the optimum choice. Fabric banners may become translucent in bright light, negating the benefit of using a stylish display for outdoor events. Vinyl products are also more durable when utilized outdoors.

  1. Fabric Banners Can Be Easily Cleaned

A leading advantage of utilizing fabric banners is they can be easily cleaned with common cleaning products ready for future events. This is ideal for companies with many events to take part in throughout the year, and means that only minimal display maintenance is required.

  1. Fabric is Easier to TransportStraight Pocket Wall with Stabilizing Feet

Another important consideration is the challenge of transporting the system from event-to-event. Fabric products are easier to transport in many ways. For example, they’re lighter than vinyl systems, and less cumbersome to transport in a vehicle. Another advantage of fabric banners is that they don’t crease easily. This means you don’t risk damaging the display during transportation to the event.

By carefully considering each of your display options and speaking with the experts here at Best Displays & Graphics, you find the ideal product for your long-term marketing requirements. To learn more, call us now at 905-940-2378.