It’s all well and good having a great looking trade show display. But while you can have that superb-looking trade show area that is professionally designed, it’s also important to communicate a message in order to gain a return on your trade show investment. What does your trade show booth communicate to passers-by at the event? In this blog we’ll look at a two ways to enhance customer response to your trade show booth.

1)      Combine Graphics from all Marketing Mediums

Many modern organizations have a number of different promotional tools in which to capture leads. There are websites, newsletters, email campaigns and many others. It’s imperative within all these marketing mediums to explain to clients what the company does and why they do it. For a trade show booth, this might be a simple sentence or two taken from the website area. Making this branding copy consistent across all marketing areas will ensure that customers feel a part of the company ecosystem.

2)      Limit Number of Words

The audience at trade shows will often wander around the area to discover the brands that interest them. With thousands of trade show booth owners wanting their attention, they may only spend a second or two glancing at your booth. That’s why it’s important to state a message with graphics that only takes a second or two to read and understand. The strongest and most successful marketing campaigns often having a short tag line, so consider your company’s messaging intently before signing off on booth graphics.

By following the preceding two tips, companies can position themselves for outstanding levels of success at their next industry event.