November 25, 2014

Today’s trade show audiences are technology savvy. They want to see the latest technology showcased within trade show displays when they visit events across the country. This means growing firms must utilize the latest cutting-edge equipment to create compelling trade show displays. Fortunately, there are a number of options from which companies can select. Here are two ways to integrate technology into trade show displays.

Feb 19 2014 Download 131Use Flat-Screen Televisions to Highlight Product Demonstrations

While live event demonstrations might create event buzz, there are a number of planning issues that can reduce the return on investment they provide. Many companies can succeed in promoting their products and services through televised demonstrations using a flat screen television. It’s important that any presentations are produced professionally and promoted at the event. Companies should also ask their event staff to answer questions regarding the product demonstrations to educate display guests.

HighLineBooth20ft3Integrate a Tablet for Live Social Media Connections

A recent trend within the trade show marketplace is companies using tablet computers to live-stream their event across YouTube and Twitter. Whether they use video streaming services or text-based streaming, companies can use this type of interactive process to further engage clientele outside the event. It’s important to promote the live-streaming event before the trade show to help build the audience and ensure a strong return on investment for marketing campaigns.

By investing wisely within the latest trade show display technology, companies can bring a new dimension to their displays. To learn more on this process, speak with a Best Displays specialist today.