September 17, 2013

As growing companies begin to ramp up their pre-event processes and start to think about trade show architecture such as banners, they often find that the costs involved can be difficult to afford. But organizations that are proactive in learning about the industry will quickly find that there are ways to reduce those high prices. And so within this blog, we’ll outline two ways to consolidate costs on trade show banners for upcoming events.

1)      Updating Old Event Architecture with New Accessories

Today’s leading industry companies within the tradeshow field are able to help their clients capitalize on old architecture. Oftentimes, smaller organizations will have a display that they’ve kept either in their store or used for one event and then stored in a backroom area. These products can become instrumental within future marketing campaigns. By adding new elements such as a literature rack or a monitor display, companies can update these old displays to ensure lasting results from their future trade show commitments.

2)      Rent Trade Show Banners Before Buying

The trade show specialist that your business is working with should offer some rental display options. These rental displays will likely be the latest solutions available within the industry, but priced at a per-event cost. This ensures a smaller overall expenditure for the organization without a reduction in brand professionalism.

Improve your company’s balance sheet as well as its promotional appeal with the two preceding tips. High performance marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition.