As companies across North America look to consolidate their overall marketing expenses in the wake of poor returns elsewhere within the marketplace, controlling costs for promotional events and architecture takes on a greater significance. With that in mind, today we’ll look at two ways that the modern organization can reduce the cost of its trade show booth expenditure and still remain on target in terms of its promotional objectives.

1) Renting Trade show Equipment

By turning to vendors that over trade show booth rentals, companies can significantly reduce their overall net spend on the event. It’s not just the price of the purchase that’s saved through choosing a rental solution but also storage and transportation costs as well. This often can lead to savings in the thousands of dollars per event when an organization takes this route. At Best Displays, we offer a broad array of architecture rental solutions for our clientele. And our team will pick up, construct and store all products for the client.

2) Using Modular Exhibits

For those that are looking for that innovative aesthetic appearance to their display yet still wish to consolidate costs when it comes to putting up, dismantling and storing their trade show display, modular exhibits might be the style of choice. These solutions are meticulously designed to be simple to put together and are light enough when dismantled to allow exhibitors to reduce their storage fees across the board.

Costs at trade show events tend to be unique to the organization. For a customized solution to your organization’s needs, contact the in-house team at Best Displays today.