December 5, 2013

Banners stands are the cost-effective choice for the growing company beginning a promotional campaign. One of the leading reasons behind their use at trade show events is that they are designed to have a consolidate footprint, and enable small firms to reduce the amount of space their display take-up, in environments where there is little room to maneuver. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two ways in which banner stands can help firms maximize their trade show space.

1)      Standing on Tabletops

Tabletop banner stands are the product-of-choice for the firm with limited space at the venue. These products can be designed to promote a company product or service while a representative stands close-by to tell audience members about the company and their work in the marketplace. Tabletop banner stands offer that ideal combination of uniqueness and cost-effectiveness and are sure to bring value to those companies whose campaigns are just beginning.

2)      At the Side of a Display to Capture Attention

Oftentimes, smaller companies don’t always have room in the company budget for large displays that capture the eyes of passers-by. Therefore banner stands can offer unique value by alerting venue audiences to the company display. By utilizing small, yet colourful stands either side of the main display, companies can maintain complete event focus on their brand.

Success within the promotional marketplace involves capitalizing on available resources. When just starting out in the competitive marketing landscape, banner stands could just be the tool that helps small companies capture large attention for their brand.