September 11, 2013

Companies are continually looking for methods through which to build leads for their business. And there are few places brimming with more potential future industry connections than trade shows. But in order to make that lasting impact on trade show audiences, companies must utilize equipment that highlights their innovation and professionalism. It’s for this reason that many now utilize portable banner stands. Within this post, we’ll examine two unique ways to capture the audience’s imagination by using these highly effective tools.

1)      Integrate Additional Areas for Entertainment Products

Enticing visuals are always a winner at hectic, busy trade show events. And so companies that integrate television screens and touch screen products at their events can truly make a lasting impact on their trade show audiences. Touch screens might be utilized to highlight a new product innovation from the company while the portable banner stands are used in the background for branding purposes. And television screens could simply show the product in action via a demonstration or an interview with a key on-team specialist.

2)      Place Banner Stands Throughout the Venue

Oftentimes trade show venues will allow guests to host their trade show banners at multiple points in the building. Companies should try to place enticing free products close to high traffic areas in order to garner attention before audiences see any of the other exhibits on show. This is one of the tactics larger companies are now utilizing to move ahead of their competition at crowded industry events.

Creativity drives success within the marketing industry. Those that implement new strategies for traditional products such as portable banner stands will be the leading lights at future business events.