February 5, 2014

Small business owners often don’t have the experience of travelling to numerous venues across the country. This means that they don’t know that feeling of regret that exhibitors feel when they know they’ve selected the wrong trade show booths for a particular venue. The venue can play a crucial role in the success of event, but companies can improve their chances of successful campaigns by matching their trade show booths to the event environments. Here are two factors to consider:

1)      Lighting

Many of the larger venues across North America will have excellent lighting conditions that drive attention to bright trade show displays. But oftentimes companies find that within small convention centers there is a limited amount of lighting in the venue. Companies can overcome this challenge by combining bright trade show displays with lighting additions that can be integrated quickly in order to provide the optimal light cover for the display.

2)      Available Space

Companies often find that the space available to them at the event is significantly smaller than they thought it would be. In order to resolve the challenge of a reduced amount of available space, companies should consider the use of modular systems. Modular trade show booths such as the Blueprint display can provide companies with a range of set-up options should they require a change in display design when they arrive.

A trade show event venue can be the decisive factor in campaign performance. But companies can be responsive to potential challenges with foresight and proactivity. Reviewing potential venue pitfalls before the event is a great way to prepare for any eventuality.