Banner stands are the ideal cost-effective display solution for the growing organization. But for companies to truly stand out from their competition at trade show events, they must utilize these highly flexible promotional products in unique ways. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two ways in which tomorrow’s industry leaders can establish their reputation for creative marketing by using banner stands.

1) To Display Back Up Information During a Presentation

Holding presentations for products is the ideal way to draw a large crowd during an event. Oftentimes, speakers require additional information in order to get their point across to audience members. Companies may wish to utilize banner stands to showcase relevant data alongside their presentation. This will allow potential clients to gain a full understanding of the company’s products and services.

2) To Highlight Contact Information for the Organization

At busy trade show events, visitors often don’t have time to stop at particular displays and communicate with display hosts. Providing them with contact information directly on trade show architecture such as banner stands provides audience members with a direct opportunity to proactively learn more about the company. This also acts as a cost-effective way to develop leads for the organization. Companies could entice contact by announcing specific offers alongside the information, ensuring stronger ROI for their trade show attendance.

Thinking outside the box is the best way to get ahead in the business world. Companies that utilize cost-effective banner stands optimally will be ideally positioned to succeed long into the future.