When companies are at the beginning of their marketing campaigns, there are a number of key processes that they must go through in order to gain momentum within the marketplace. Simply attending trade show events and speaking with attendees is often not enough to gain traction. It requires an understanding of the unique dynamics of trade show marketing to truly make a lasting impression on new clientele. With that in mind, let’s look at two trade show display design tips for the new trade show exhibitor.

1) Use Low-Cost Multimedia Solutions

Within the right setting, multimedia can be utilized to enhance the company’s trade show offerings. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or video depicting clients using the company’s products, passersby will be drawn to presentation screens with visual information on them. This a natural human response to moving images on screen. It’s the same reason television advertisements are more expensive that text ads in newspapers. And attendees can truly take advantage of this phenomenon by offering multimedia within their trade show display design.

2) Consider your Target Audience

Who are you trying to reach with your trade show display? This should be your first and foremost design consideration. If you’re trying to reach younger demographics, you may wish to incorporate ‘pop’ imagery within your display, whereas older businessmen and women may be more enticed by professional graphics that take on a classical and understated tone.

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