August 7, 2013

To engage an audience member at a business event takes more than simply high quality graphics and a cutting-edge business. Companies must actively reach out to audience members through their venue representatives. This means that their representatives play a key role in the overall success level of an event. With that in mind, this blog will focus on two methods companies can use to train team members hosting exhibit displays.

1)      Train Staff on Greetings and Body Language

The first impression and the impression made with body language are two critical factors in achieving a positive response from tradeshow audiences. This means that staff members must be advised on how to greet visitors to their exhibit displays. Simple greetings such as “Welcome to (Company)’s booth, how can we help you today?” often work best because they give audience members a chance to respond with their particular needs. Staff members should also remember that posture remains a key element in engaging audiences. And so there should be no team members hunching over or sitting with head in hands at the event.

2)      Review Company Product Selling Points

Trade show exhibit hosts should always know the key selling points of their products. These points must be injected into most conversations during the event in order to build leads for the organization. The hosts should also understand what the competition offers and be prepared to refute the competition’s key selling features.

By preparing their event staff for the full array of possible scenarios that can take place at a trade show, companies can ensure event success. Remember to give teams at least a month’s training before events to allow them to meet your company’s precise requirements.